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Are all cleansers the same?

Do you know what ingredients are in your cleanser?

I know what is mine…And I’m going to tell you!

I have a very oily skin and religiously use @medik8_australia pore cleansing gel cleanser, which is sulphate free and soap free and enables me to have gentle exfoliation daily in my skin through L- Mandelic acid and gives my skin the most amazing deep clean without at stripping it! Dirt, bacteria and makeup are all effectively cleaned and removed.

Even if you have dry skin, combination skin, acneic skin or oily skin like me- there is a Medik8 cleanser for everyone!

Even a skin that is redness prone through internal or external factors there is a a soothing cleanser especially for YOU.

All Medik8 cleansers use mild cleansing agents derived from corn, sugar and coconut oil. Medik8 cleansers do not contain SLES( sodium lauryl sulaphate) or other similar harsh sulphate detergents or paraben preservatives ensuring a very gentle action yet remarkably deep clean with a very effective makeup removal.

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