Pre & Post Treatment Instructions

In Preparation of your Waxing Appointment

  • Make sure your hair is long enough to be removed completely from the roots. That means it should be at least 0.5cm. If you have been shaving, it may take a couple of waxing appointments for your hair to get into a cycle of growth that allows the most effective wax removal finish.
  • Exfoliation plays a vital part in hair removal. Exfoliating prior to your waxing appointment helps lift any dead skin cells and aids in releasing any trapped hair follicles under the skin. Exfoliation also helps in the reduction of ingrown hairs.

After Care for your Waxing

  • After your waxing appointment, it is normal and common for there to be some redness and a prickly heat rash. This should disappear after a few hours and is normally due to a histamine reaction after the hair removal.
  • Waxing removes the hair at the root so it is important that you keep the area clean and bacteria free to avoid any chance of infection. This includes avoiding the following for the initial 24 hrs after waxing; swimming in a chlorinated pool, sunbathing, use of spa baths/saunas, applying any topical lotions including fragrances and other lubricants.
  • As your skin closes over the follicles, new softer hair can get trapped under the skin. Make sure you are exfoliating and gently buff the area every 2-3 days to avoid hair follicles getting trapped under the skin.
  • For ingrown hairs, use BUMP ERASER products to avoid infection and clear any ingrown hairs.

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In Preparation of your Lash Lifting

  • Please come to your appointment without any eye makeup.
  • Avoid use of any harsh eye makeup removers or long-lasting products up to 48 hours before your appointment

  After Care for your Lash Lifting 

  • Do not use make up remover for 48 hours after your lash lift has been performed. They will strip the colour of the tint.
  • Avoid hot steamy showers and/or saunas, washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, make-up, eye creams or serums, any oil based skincare or haircare products for 24 hours after your appointment.
  • Avoid getting lashes b. wet for 24 hours.
  • Do not rub or play with lashes.
  • Use the mascara wand provided to keep brushing lashes in upward motions.
  • Evodia Beauty Care recommends the home care use of Elleebana  Elleeplex Advanced after care serum and Elleebana Mascare for healthy lashes during Lash Lifts. Both which can be purchased in salon or online.

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In Preparation of your Spray Tan

  • Exfoliate your entire body 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. This will ensure an even and longer tan life.
  • Come to your tan appointment without makeup, perfume, deodorant or any other body or beauty products on your skin. This will affect the skin and the how your tan will develop. The same applies if you are sweaty- sweat/ moisturiser/make up and other products act as a barrier to the tan, and may also cause the tan to run, causing streaks or patches. Whilst we provide cleansing wipes for removal should you come to your appointment with any of the above mentioned, it is recommended you arrive without any barrier on your skin.
  • Ensure all hair removal (shaving, waxing or laser) is completed at least 24 hours before your tanning appointment. Do not shave or wax on the day of your appointment.
  • Moisturise daily for a week leading up to your tan appointment. The end result of your tan depends on how hydrated your skin is before and after application.
  • Wear loose, baggy clothes that you don’t mind getting tan on to your appointment as tight clothing will rub against your skin and may cause patches. This includes wearing a bra.
  • Bring thongs to wear after your appointment, as shoes/socks will cause the tan to rub off or leave patches.

After Care for your Spray Tan

  • Do not get wet or sweaty before you are due to wash your tan off (be careful washing your hands as soap and water will wash away your tan, and any splashes will make it run.)
  • Do not put any products on your skin until after you have had your first shower or you will ruin your tan.
  • Colour wash off time: Light: 1 Hour, Medium: 2-3 Hours, Dark: 4-8 Hours.
  • Use only lukewarm water to rinse your tan off. No soap and definitely no shampooing or conditioning!
  • Do not rub your skin to dry yourself as you can rub your tan off. Simply pat your skin dry very gently
  • Once you are dry time to moisturise! At least twice a day as this will prolong your tan and keep your skin glowing! Evodia recommend the use of VaniT Bronzing custard to prolong the results and life of your tan.
  • Drink lots of water as this will help hydrate your skin from the inside

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In Preparation of Skin Treatments

  • If you are booked in for an advanced skin treatment like Skin Needling/Chemical Peel/ Mesoestetic Professional Treatment your therapist will provide information pertaining to these treatments as we follow strict protocols for preparing your skin prior to these treatments.

After Care for Skin Treatments

  • You will continue to see further improvements in the days following the procedure.
  • To maximise results, follow a healthy skin care regime at home provided by your skin therapist.
  • Drink 8-12 glasses of water per day.
  • Apply hydration products regularly and as often as needed as recommence your usual skincare routine or the introduction of your new products as prescribed by your therapist.
  • Use a protective cream with sunscreen SPF 30. Allow 3-5 days before recommencing any use of chemical sunscreen.
  • Avoid sun exposure and all tanning products and machinery.
  • Avoid acid products Retin A, AHA’s (glycolic acid etc) and chemical peels for 3 weeks unless otherwise advised by your therapist.
  • Avoid saunas and chlorinated swimming pools and whirlpools the day of treatment.
  • Avoid waxing on the treated area for 48 hours.
  • On some occasions there may be a purging effect on the skin post an initial facial treatment. This can happen after the stimulation of the treatment and the products used in the facial can speed up the resurfacing process and bring up to the surface any underlying congestion. This should calm down after a couple of days. If it does continue, please contact the salon.
  • Ensure you book in for your next treatment in 4-6 weeks or according to your treatment plan as discussed with your therapist.

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In Preparation of Skin Needling and Chemical Peels

  • Daily application of Vitamin’s C & A for 2 weeks prior to the procedure, and up to 3 months afterwards to maximise the results
  • We recommend skin priming continually before, between and after the skin needling procedures to ensure the skin is prepared prior to each procedure.
  • Recommendations for post product care list will be discussed and given to you at your appointment.
  • Before the treatment avoid the use of prescription vitamin A products for 2-3 days prior to treatment
  • Do not expose the treatment site to ‘unprotected’ UVR exposure for 7-14 days before treatment.
  • Use a high protection broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30+ daily.
  • Please note- Do not use a at home skin needling device on an open breakout as this could spread bacteria.
  • Drink lots of water as this will help hydrate your skin from the inside.

Expected Side Effects of Skin Needlingand Chemical Peels

  • Redness- similar to a mild sunburn which may involve slight swelling and pinpoint bruising lasting 2-72 hours.
  • Slight weeping/oozing of the skin may occur for 2-4 hours immediately post treatment.
  • Sensitivity lasting 2-72 hours

After Care for Skin Needling Treatment and Chemical Peels

  • Potential complications include infection leading to a scar if areas of the skin are not cared for properly both before and after the treatment. Please do not touch your skin until you are ready to cleanse your skin again (If your treatment was carried out in the late afternoon/evening it is acceptable to leave your skin until the morning.)
  • Avoid the use of skin care products with colour, fragrance and active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acids, perfumes and colours for 5-7 days post treatment.
  • Once your skin is no longer sensitive you can go back to your normal skin care routine. Please use products recommended by your skin care expert in the recovery phase- do not self-prescribe. Your therapist will give you these post care instructions at your appointment.
  • As your skin will be very sensitive, please keep sun exposure to a minimum.
  • Do not apply make-up for 24 hours post-treatment.
  • Please change your pillowcase on your bed on the day of your treatment especially if you are attending a late afternoon/evening appointment.
  • Start to use your active cosmeceuticals products once your skin has healed. This will maintain long term skin health and give you better and prolonged results.

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