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Be a Natural Beauty

Healthier, more radiant & glowing skin – naturally, and the best way to achieve that is through your inner beauty routine. 

The Collagen Beauty Cleanse from Botanical Path contains a unique selection of botanicals to help cleanse and detox the body by supporting metabolism and healthy digestion.

Some of the ingredients that make up this blend are turmeric, dandelion root, coconut water, cinnamon, peppermint leaf, probiotics and ginger

With an added boost of probiotics, for digestive health and overall wellbeing, beauty cleanse is your all in one super juice.

We also love BOTANICAL PATH- Beauty Glow 

A blend high in collagen peptides and active botanicals, Beauty Glow from Botanical Path is formulated for rejuvenation, overall appearance and to provide the required nutrients for the growth of radiant hair, skin and nails.

This Glow blend contains a unique selection of beauty botanicals, to support skin luminosity and youthful appearance. With an added boost of fibre for general health and wellbeing, beauty glow is your all in one beauty drink.
Available in salon, pick some up at your next appointment Call 0498 354 241 or BOOK ONLINE