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Vitamin A for Acne

Vitamin A is the ideal tool for helping to tackle blemish-prone skin as it effectively regulates sebum production and skin cell turnover to help minimise breakouts. When applied to the skin, vitamin A is able to help normalise how your skin renews and regenerates. This means it can stop your pores from becoming clogged with shedding skin cells, which can lead to blemishes.


Retinaldehyde (used in our Crystal Retinal 1, 3, 6 & 10) is the best form of vitamin A for blemish-prone skin types. It is the only form of vitamin A with direct antibacterial properties – meaning retinaldehyde is able to help limit the bacteria which causes blemishes.


Without the prescription. A relatively new vitamin A ingredient (retinaldehyde aka retinal) is the closest thing to prescription-strength retinoic acid. Available in 4 strengths, we call it the ‘Everyone Vitamin A’ as it’s just that. But in particular, Crystal Retinal is the perfect choice for those suffering with blemish-prone skin.

Have you added retinal to your regime to help keep blemishes at bay? .
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